Adress: Aušros street No 58, Utena, Lithuania. 
Tel.:+370 389 54558,
+370 389 52261




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Utena School-Kindergarten "Varpelis"

Adress: Aušros street No 58, Utena, Lithuania.
Tel.: +370 389 54558, +370 389 52261.
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Vision:  Utena School-Kindergarten "Varpelis" – modern educational institution, based on common human and Christian values, with an appropriate educational environment and choices for children.

Mision:  Utena School-Kindergarten "Varpelis" – educational institution, providing pre-school, primary, Catholic and targeted artistic education for children.

Strategical aims:
1. Promoting pupils' progress.
2. Improving the work of teachers, which influences the progress of each pupil.
3. Improvement of the quality of the teaching.

Aim: Encourage the personal progress of children in pre-school, pre-primary and primary education programs

1.Encourage the personal development of pre-schoolers.
2.Improve teaching in collaboration.

Aim: Improve teachers' professional and personal competences

1.Encourage individual student achievement and progress supervision
2.Improve teacher qualifications